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New shipping containers

Sea containers are for the most part manufactured in China. In order to provide our customers with affordable containers for sale, we have them filled with very specific products, transported to Canada, emptied, inspected and then listed for sale. It is for this reason these units are often referred to as one trip containers.

Benefits of new containers

  • Great aesthetics:
    Very few dings and dents, no company logos. No Rust.
  • Free of contaminants:
    These units have not yet been used to transport hazardous products and have not been sprayed on entry into the country for bugs or other pests, making ideal for use as a building or workspace.
  • Doors are easier to open:
    Over the years door hinges stiffen up and containers will deform ever so slightly making the doors harder to open and close.
  • Great selection of Specialty Containers:
    If you are looking for a 10 foot shipping container, a 20 foot open side, a 20 foot tunnel container or any other specialty container you will likely need to order it new. See our Specialty Containers section for more information.

Used shipping container

Most used containers are 10 - 12 years old and have previously been used for international trade. As such there are usually large quantities available. LRI Containers offers low cost used storage containers in WWT (wind and watertight condition) or CW (Cargo Worthy) condition. 

Benefits of used cargo container

  • Availability:
    There are millions of shipping containers in circulation worldwide. This huge international fleet is always being renewed, resulting in the large availability of used high-quality shipping containers for sale.
  • Cost:
    Due to high volumes, pricing on used containers is low, making them a budget friendly storage option.
  • Environmental:
    Re using shipping containers as portable storage containers, allows units a second life. This eliminates CO2 emissions associated to recycling, as well mitigating the emissions of constructing a storage structure.

Download our PDF for sizes and specifications

Let us help you find the right solution for your needs.

Modified container

If specialty shipping containers do not meet your exact requirements having a new or used storage container specially designed and modified is a great solution. From custom pop shops with fold out decks or an onsite locker room for your team, we can help.

Benefits of customized containers

  • Highly Customizable:
    Windows, doors, air conditioning, skylights, hazardous waste containment, etc. is all possible. Let our team help you develop your custom solution.
  • Modular:
    Business are always evolving, and your requirements today may not be the same tomorrow. Storage containers offer modularity allowing users to add shipping containers to their project as their needs evolve.
  • Turnkey:
    All modifications including electrical work, insulation, openings etc. is completed at our facility. Our modified containers simply need to be delivered, plugged in and are ready for use.

Popular MODS

Installation of LockBox:
Lockboxes help increase the security of the container. They make it extremely difficult to cut the lock and gain unauthorized access to your sea can.
Roll Up doors:
Container doors can be heavy and cumbersome at times. For cargo containers that are going to be accessed on a regular basis the addition of Roll Up door(s) is strongly recommended.
Installations of doors and windows:
With the increased cost of construction and increased difficulty booking quality contractors, many of our customers have opted to use our sale sea cans, as workshop shipping container garage, shipping container workshops or even container offices. Windows and doors help achieve an improved appearance and while providing utility.

Shipping container Rental

Have a short term / medium project or simply not ready to own? A portable storage container rental is a great option. We are pleased to offer flexible shipping container rental options on all our container products.*

*Some modified containers are not available for rent. Please check with our team to see if your project qualifies.

Specialty shipping containers

Specialty shipping containers are not typically used for international trade (with the exception of refrigerated containers).

These containers are explicitly manufactured as storage containers and offer customers features and convenience with this in mind. Most of these sea cans for sale can only be purchased new.


LRI offers generator set as off grid solutions to provide electricity to your shipping container garage or container office. Gensets are a reliable diesel generator that allow portable power. Whether you are building a container home, a portable container office, or require temperature controlled storage at an event, gensets can ensure that your power needs are met reliably.